Purbarn A Breeze Down River

(Purbarn Under A Twister  x  Purbarn Tell's Of Snow Flury's JW)

DOB 8th May 2016

Hip's 23-14 = 37. Elbows 0-0. Eyes Clear 2017 Including being genetically Clear for both PRA 1 & 2.

[We are disappointed with Breeze's Hip Score, but she has a lot more good things about her & the Vets think it was down to trauma on the one side when she ran down a bank too fast and ended up in a heap at the bottom and was lame for a few days after. So we will try breeding from her when she next comes in season and she will we hope be mated to our Shade]

Breeze only found her way onto our website in early 2017 due to our unscheduled move from Wrexham when her and her 4 brothers and 3 sisters were just 4 weeks old. We moved approximately 35 miles south-west to an idyllic spot near Welshpool. Having had no landline or internet it made it impossible to upload her before now.

So here she is :-


Breeze has been coming out on the shoot days ever since the  2016/2017 season started, as we could not leave her behind as we needed  to feed her at lunch time. So after each drive she would be let out of the Range Rover to meet & greet with everyone. One of the Guns just chucked this melanistic Pheasant for her & without being asked she just went & retrieved it & brought it tendaly to my hand. At just 5 months old  she amazed everyone with her natural ability, we have no doubt she will be a great picking up dog in the future.

We did get a few photos of her when younger  which are below.

  dscn9915  dscn9925  dscn9972 (3) 

The first was taken at about 4 months with Mr Happy toy in her mouth. The second sitting by a gate with our new abode in the background & third just sat admiring the view from the back door with one of the 'Storm' statues [her Great, Great Grandfather] in the background.


Now just turned 1 year old we decided to enter her for a local Open Show and having never been before I just tried standing her up at a Doggie Social the week before. My daughter took both photos the first the practice run and the second standing for her write-up, as she not only behaved impeccably she also won the Junior Bitch Class out of 7 entries, so chuffed to bits with her and thanks to my daughter Sally not only for the photos but also for moving her for me in the ring.

dsc_0248 dsc_0492head shots fo breeze & flury

Above was Breeze & her Mum Flury looking over the Pigsty wall where they were staying while in season. 

breeze head img_6674 breeze head img_6678

breeze with toy img_6661 breeze with toy img_6662 

The above 4 photos above were taken by Kirstie Halliday when she came to stay with us & her 2 Purbarn Boys.

dsc_0621 (2)


Breeze is so fond of this toy she fell asleep with he nose rested in it